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Services Provided: Business Development Council, Brand Strategy, Naming, Tagline, Messaging, Corporate Brand Identity, Design System, Stationery, Signage, Website, Advertising

After years of slugging it out as agents in traditional real estate brokerages, The Foundry Real Estate Co. co-founders, Marc McMahon and Bruno Schiavon recognized a flaw in current real estate models, and wanted a better way to serve their clients.

They approached Urban Jungle to flush out the strengths and weaknesses in their ideas, and craft a strategy to best position the agency for long-term success.

Urban Jungle conducted a thorough assessment of the company and industry using a mix of in-depth quantitative and qualitative research approaches to understand customer needs and perceptions and other competitive positions in the market.

Working closely with the founding partners, the results were translated into a corporate brand strategy that paints a solid picture of the Edmonton real estate brokerage and its role in bridging the gap between traditional real estate and For-Sale-By-Owner models.

With the vision, mission, values, beliefs, personality, promise and brand positioning established, Urban Jungle created the communications toolkit to bring the story to the market.

We created the corporate name, a new tagline emphasizing the ultimate customer benefit of choosing a real estate model, which combines the best of both worlds. Additionally, we designed the identity, design system and messaging platform to tell the Foundry story through colour, imagery, graphics, and customer-focused, conversational content.

After a few months of intense soul searching, pushing comfort zones, and shooting down status-quo thinking, The Foundry Real Estate Co. is positioned to launch with an idea that has the potential to forever change the game of real estate.

“Working with Urban Jungle was an eye opening experience.”

“Having worked in the Real Estate Industry for over 11 years we wanted to do something completely different and needed a brand that would represent that. Every stage of the process we gained insight into our own business model and how to best represent our values and mission as a company. We had an idea of a name we liked prior to the process but after having gone through all the stages we went with something completely different and could not be happier with the choice. Our new brand represents us perfectly! Thank you to Craig and all of the team at Urban Jungle who made this possible.”

Marc McMahon, Founding Partner, The Foundry Real Estate Co.


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