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Urban Jungle collaborated with Edmonton-based interior design firm, Heiress Interior Design (formerly Chevalier Design) to create a brand strategy aimed at differentiating, repositioning, and poising its future growth.

Despite Chevalier Design’s previous advertising and PR efforts, the business had plateaued and little had changed over the last five years to elevate the company to a competitive market position.

Recognizing a need to differentiate itself among its local competitors, Chevalier contracted Urban Jungle to initiate a brand strategy discovery and development plan. The discovery revealed a lack of Edmonton-based design consultants offering unbiased design and decorating solutions. Many designers impose their personal preferences on their clientele, while others (employed by retailers) aim to sell customers products within their store rather than provide the “right” design solution for the customers’ unique lifestyle, preferences, and home styles. The analysis also revealed a lack of education-based marketing within the industry at large. Finally, the research revealed the lack of consistent and transparent pricing in the market and a need for design service “packages.”

This information combined with Owner/Principal Designer, Leslie Chevalier’s educational background prompted Chevalier Design to revitalize the brand and reposition it as an “education-based” design consultancy focusing on creating spaces that reflect peace, balance, and beauty in the home. The insights gained through the discovery exercises also prompted a plan to productize the company’s services in order to help customers make easier purchasing decisions.

Urban Jungle renamed the firm Heiress Interior Design and worked closely with Leslie Chevalier to develop a visionary, and highly differentiated brand positioning to clearly and tangibly communicate her vision to both employees and the market. Upon renaming, Urban Jungle created a new brand identity and design system with a whimsical, vibrant, and clean presentation.

“Left me speechless, and very grateful!”

“Urban Jungle helped me to articulate what it is we do best and how to let others know that. The real magic of the experience happened when we changed the name. There was a wonderful moment where everything clicked into place and I saw what they had seen for weeks…the physical representation of everything my company stood for.”

Leslie Chevalier, Principal, Heiress Interior Design

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