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Boldly going where no physio brand had dared go before .


Leading Edge Physiotherapy .

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They’ll F*x you up!

What do you get when you roller-skate on the edge of being funny and offensive? You get Leading Edge Physiotherapy; a fun, unique, and modern physiotherapy brand with clinics in St. Albert and across the greater Edmonton area.

What makes the Leading Edge Physiotherapy experience so unique?

For starters, the therapists have been known to sing Journey tunes to their clients and even wear zebra print tights while they work on you. They’ll do whatever it takes to get their clients’ minds off the pain and move them on the road to recovery.

With its vibrant colours, playful fonts, and edgy tag lines, the strategy was to stay true to the personality, and boldly go where no other physio clinic had dared go before.

In pain?

Check Leading Edge Physio out. Its therapists promise to F*x You (and your mom) up.


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