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Step right up folks and experience “The Sweetest Show on Earth!"

In 2010, The Coney Island Candy Store & Novelty Emporium and Urban Jungle joined forces to showcase the best of candy in North America.

Coney Island Candy was an iconic destination situated in the heart of Edmonton’s historic Old Strathcona district on Whyte Avenue.

What set this candy boutique apart from the others was…well, pretty much everything!

Remember Zoltar the Genie from the movie BIG? Yes!! He greeted you at the front entrance to provide you with your fortune.

From 100 Grand Candy Bars, Charleston Chews, and Boston Baked Beans to Mojos, Pop Shoppe Pop, and Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn, they had every candy imaginable, with extra special emphasis on the ultra-rare, nostalgic and peculiar treats.

They even had a Warriors dedication wall…because why not?! CAN YOU DIG IT?!

As an emerging brand with plans for expansion, Coney was looking for a strong visual direction representing its dedication to the spirit of Coney Island, New York with its cirque-ish, freak-show feel, and grungy, eclectic, and vibrant aesthetic.

Urban Jungle was invited to create a web presence that could all but match the in-store experience.

The whimsical and easy-to-navigate website was fun to explore as we created custom patterns, engaging promotions, and a unique look that paid homage to the forgotten language and visual spectacle of yesteryear.

Unfortunately, Coney Island Candy is no longer with us; but man-oh-man, what a treat if you were lucky enough to experience “The Sweetest Show on Earth." (R.I.P. CIC)


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