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The Start of a Partnership

FenceLine Rentals originally came to Urban Jungle to evolve its visual brand, enhance its website, and develop new content and strategy. Together, we created a more engaging web presence with easier navigation and pleasing visuals. You can learn more about our original FenceLine project here.

As the company grew, new market opportunities emerged; however, FenceLine did not want to dilute its well-known temporary fencing supply brand. To effectively enter these new markets and reach new audiences, a fresh approach was required.

A New Endeavor

FenceLine Rentals decided to launch a new division, FLR Waste Services. Their goal was to provide local and economical waste disposal, garbage bin rental, and recycle collection to the Greater Edmonton Area.

The challenge with this new endeavor was to create an entity that distinguished itself from the competition, while still remaining true to the established FenceLine brand. They wanted to expand into a fresh and innovative image to entice a new audience and remain recognizable as a trusted local business.

Preparing the Strategy

Since we had previously worked with FenceLine, we were very familiar with the brand. They were established, well-known, and reputable but had yet to make their mark in waste management and disposal. Given Edmonton’s crowded waste disposal market in which many global and small local companies compete, it was critical for FLR to make a splash.

Another nuance in separating FLR Waste Services from the pack was they needed to appeal to a wide range of customers, including commercial and construction, as well as residential and municipal. After a deep competitor analysis and market review, we discovered there was one thing their audiences had in common: they all value local entrepreneurs who create local jobs and work on local projects.

By focusing on the locality of the brand, it would enable us to target prospects whose values aligned with FenceLine’s. We could tell FLR’s story as a component of the parent company, while priming the new brand for growth.

Creating the Identity

Once we established the strategy to distinguish the new entity from the competition, we created the identity to convey this plan. We began by leveraging components of the established FenceLine parent company such as its straightforward, professional voice, navy blue and bright yellow colours, as well as its bold font selections.

To tie the waste disposal division to FenceLine Rentals, we implemented the colours in the logo, stationery, brochures, and truck livery. We also added a splash of vibrant pink to catch the eye and inject personality and playfulness into the industry.

We combined their important business-minded attitude and professionalism with flair and joy with the intention of curating lasting partnerships. We also highlighted the various communities in the Edmonton area with fun doodles, displayed a home-grown story with engaging content, and even showcased the company’s sponsorship of a local running race with social media ads to promote the local identity we created.

An Engaging Presence

We had a strategy and a distinct visual brand, but we still needed to engage the audience and attract prospects. To support the rollout, we designed a bold web presence built for easy navigation, simplified use, and customer interaction.

When visitors landed on the FLR Waste Services website, our goal was to make it easy to browse, learn, and connect through clean layouts and simple navigation. To reduce bounce rate and improve engagement we showcased all services with images, developed strong calls to action, and enhanced site responsiveness. We also integrated the website with the company’s back-office functions, including Salesforce, and an artificial intelligence chat feature to support customer service and quick response times.

From top to bottom, we established a brand identity and search engine optimized web presence for FLR Waste that was founded on the ideals of the FenceLine Rentals parent company and unique in its dedication to local involvement and customer-focused management. We elevated the company’s branding for better market penetration and a long-term relationship with the Edmonton community.

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