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Services Provided:  Competitor Analysis, Web Strategy, Content Planning & CreationResponsive Website Design & Development, SEO Consult and Ongoing Performance Management


? Improve the overall visual aesthetic and make the site more engaging
? Improve site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing and a better user experience
? Create a visual showcase of all products and services with clear calls to action
? Provide SEO set-up and future development support
? Drive conversion of site visitors into leads
? Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS
? Integrate website with Salesforce

Phase 1: Prototyping

FenceLine Rentals is one of the most reputable fencing providers in Edmonton, Alberta. Many of Western Canada’s major businesses have entrusted FenceLine to safeguard and enclose their heavy industrial sites, high-rise developments, construction locations, concerts, festivals, seasonal cages, and emergency situations with its high-quality temporary fence systems since 1998.

FenceLine Rentals came to Urban Jungle when they were undergoing an evolution in the business. They required a complete overhaul of the design of their corporate website, as well as better systems and tools to effectively manage content. In addition, the website needed to match the maturity of the company, and align with FenceLine’s new vision and objectives. This included a renewed focus on their digital presence.

Urban Jungle’s main priority for this web design and build was to create a scalable solution that supported future growth, while highlighting their existing projects, and addressing the needs of their various customer audiences. The site needed to present beautiful photos and engaging content for visitors, but still be easy to manage by FenceLine’s marketing team.

Phase 2: Style

As an industrial and construction-focused business, we felt it was important to put their beautiful photography front and centre. Being able to explore photos of their various projects, products, and services would help create an emotional reaction for their website visitors. The new aesthetic is clean and easy to navigate, with pops of their bright yellow and navy blue brand colours to draw their visitors’ eyes to key areas like call-to-action buttons.

Phase 3: Bring it on Home

The final touches on the website included connecting the design and supporting WordPress CMS infrastructure to their various back-office applications, such as Salesforce. Website leads generated through contact forms needed to be instantly accessible for their sales team to follow up on, and prospective customers could be engaged while browsing, through the addition of an onsite Chat widget.

The new FenceLine Rentals website is a great addition to the company’s marketing repertoire. From their homepage to their services and feature projects, their content exudes confidence and quality assurance–two essential brand characteristics in the competitive industrial and construction industries. Through keyword research, set-up of all meta titles and descriptions, ongoing page speed improvements, SEO, and SEM, FenceLine has strengthened its digital strategy and become one of the most prominent fixtures; not only at the top of the search engines for their desired keywords, but also in the Edmonton business community.

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