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Knocking World Women’s Baseball Out of the Park .


2012 IBAF World Women’s Baseball Cup .

Services Provided: Brand Identity, Creative Development, Brand Activation

Urban Jungle doesn’t typically do pitch concepts, but the IBAF World Women’s Baseball Cup was an exciting opportunity to flex our creative muscle so we made an exception.

Urban Jungle was asked to submit design concepts to the City of Edmonton for the International Baseball Federation’s (IBAF) World Women’s Baseball Cup, which was held in Edmonton during the summer of 2012. The bid called for the creation of an event brand identity as well as some ideas on how the IBAF event could be marketed to Edmontonians.

Edmontonians love their sports. Edmonton Oilers and Edmonton Elks games regularly sell out and smaller sporting events are generally well-received as well. Understanding that our ideas would be highly scrutinized, we decided to create an exciting alternative that would stand out among some of the larger sporting events.

The shape abstractly references the stitching on a baseball, while making the shape of 2 W’s.

Some of our fun non-traditional brand activation and awareness ideas included a real car crushed by a massive baseball strategically placed outside of Telus Field (and other high-traffic locations of course), 3D baseball smashed window stickers, which could be exchanged for discounts on tickets and merch, and geocached prizes around the City to engage a new audience to the family-fun event.

What do you think? Home run or foul ball?

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