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guard·i·an: a champion, hero, one who looks after, protects, or defends.

Traded on the London Stock Exchange, Diploma PLC, (DPLM) is an international group of businesses supplying specialized technical products and services to various industries around the world.

Upon retaining exclusive rights to distribute products from high-end, UK-based surgical tool manufacturer Purple Surgical, Diploma’s health care division, Diploma Healthcare Group approached Urban Jungle to design the new identity for Guardian Surgical Tools, a custom product line of Purple Surgical. The objective was to design an identity which demonstrated the product’s strong position, and state-of-the-art edge, as well as to complement the existing Purple Surgical colour palette.

Inspired by Super Heroes and Greek Legend, Urban Jungle designed the Guardian Surgical Tools identity. Integrating the “G” of the product’s name into a Captain American-esque shield, and using a charcoal colour treatment on a bold stylized version of the Gotham typeface, the identity blends a vivid colour palette of pink and purple, giving the identity strength and modernity.

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