Frequently Asked Questions

What is a brand?

Many people confuse a brand with company logos, packaging and ad campaigns. But brands and branding reach far beyond these immediate cosmetic representations.

A brand is not a logo, nor is it a combination of a logo, slogan, packaging and awareness campaign.

A brand is simply a position in the customer’s mind.

It is always present and it is defined by the impressions and experiences people have with it.

A strategically thought-out brand is the result of an entire group, organization, or business consistently operating along a clearly defined vision, mission, values and beliefs.

What we’re really talking about is the machinery behind the logo and the advertisements. A strategic brand is the management system that turns a company’s human capital into currency and competitive advantage. It’s the essence of the products or services being communicated and delivered by people to people.

A strategic brand is the calculated DNA within product, service, and people.

A strategic brand is the only thing that allows companies to compete beyond price and promotions, sales tactics, marketing strategies and communication channels, ad copy, creative and media buying, and features and benefits. It’s the living part of a company that commands the attention of the marketplace; from customers, prospects, and media, to staff, suppliers, and allies.

A strategic brand is the enduring asset of a company that can become its greatest equity builder.

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