Edmonton Marketing Companies

Unfortunately, Googling “Edmonton marketing companies” doesn’t give you a clear picture of who does what.

The top 10 companies include a data agency, a branding firm, a graphic design studio, two ad agencies, and five generalist marketing companies.

The intent of this page is to help business leaders who are trying to get a better understanding of Edmonton-based marketing companies and what they do.

At this point you should be thinking, “Do I really want a marketing company working for me if it they aren’t ranking on the first page of the search engines?” Your answer ought to be obvious.

So you need to figure out which companies are marketing themselves well. To that end, here is a rundown of the top 10 rankings in order, and a bit of information to help make your decision easier.

1. Eight Leaves Media:

Eight Leaves is a data analytics and software company. Wondering why it would rank for a marketing search query? Eight Leaves was once a generalist marketing firm for small businesses, and arts and culture organizations. Wondering how it could still rank in the first position? History. It published a blog article similar to this one in 2010 and Google thinks that’s a pretty important factor in its ranking algorithm.

2. Incite Marketing:

A 2008 Alberta Venture Fast50 company, Incite is known as Edmonton’s “relationship marketers” for B2B companies. Incite acts as an outsourced marketing department and its core competency is marketing planning and implementation. If you’re looking for textbook marketing, Incite is an excellent choice.

3. g[squared] Marketing:

Since the mid-90s, g[squared] has remained one of Edmonton’s most well-known ad agencies. Their work has included campaigns for the Edmonton Valley Zoo, Finning, and the City of Leduc to name a few. If you’re trying to figure out how best to spend your advertising budget g[squared] should remain a top consideration.

4. Urban Jungle Brand Marketing:

That would be us. Even though we rank pretty well online, our clients don’t consider us a traditional “marketing firm” in the same way they would some of the others that make this list. Our core competency is brand development, so if you’re simply looking for a marketing plan and someone to implement it, we’re probably not the right company for you.

5. Vision Creative:

Vision is one of Edmonton’s top creative studios. From the Government of Alberta to Canadian Western Bank, Vision has worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes. If you want top shelf creative it should definitely be on your short list.

6. FREE Advertising:

FREE is an ad agency, and no they are not actually free. As the agency responsible for the brilliant MADD “stick family” campaign, FREE offers the complete marketing package. Definitely worth a phone call.

7. Sticks & Stones Marketing:

A generalist marketing company, Sticks & Stones assists its clients with marketing strategy and design.

8. Bubble Up Marketing & Design:

Once an SEO-focused shop, BubbleUp has changed gears and become a generalist marketing company offering graphic design, web development, and web marketing services.

9. Big Boy Marketing:

With a name like Big Boy one might think this marketing firm is, well…big. Ironically it’s not. It’s a one-man generalist marketing show offering design, print, and social media services. Unfortunately they do not offer a portfolio so it’s tough to comment on the quality of their work.

10. Zag Creative Group:

Zag is a generalist marketing company offering all things marketing. From marketing strategy to creative, their work is first class.