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Services Provided: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Content Creation, Sales Presentation Package, Infographics

APSR Environmental Health & Safety is currently the only company in Canada able to provide ASHRAE 110 fume hood performance testing “with NEBB certification.”

To most of us, this doesn’t mean much, but to laboratories, builders, and property owners, this means they can achieve the highest standards of environmental health and safety assurance available in Canada (kind of a big deal).

With this in mind, Urban Jungle worked with APSR Environmental’s management team to develop its vision, mission, positioning, values, personality, promise, and experience. In addition to creating their corporate profile presentation, we overhauled their corporate brand identity; making it clean, confident, and clearly aligned with the focused direction of the firm.

“Urban Jungle developed a great brand foundation for us.”

“Urban Jungle looked at our firm from the ground up and analyzed all aspects from our brand to future growth. They took the time to get to know APSR and developed a great brand foundation for us.”

Adam Stokowski, Owner, APSR Environmental Health & Safety

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