Replanting Urban Jungle’s Roots in Cloverdale

It’s official. Urban Jungle is settled into its new Edmonton river valley office.

After months of planning, designing, renovating, and decorating, Urban Jungle is ready to call Cloverdale its new home.

I’m ecstatic to have such a beautiful centrally located space. I believe it’s a perfect reflection of the Urban Jungle brand—it’s close to both downtown (urban) and nature (jungle).

Also awesome, the new office has tons of free parking, it’s easy to find, and there’s a lot of space for the company to continue to grow into. I absolutely love it.

I want to thank the ultra-talented people who made the space come to life.

First, one of Edmonton’s most talented designers, Valéry Goulet, helped create Urban Jungle’s new design system, which includes a grid of circles and lines, which represent the concept of “brand” as a highly interconnected network of thoughts, feelings, images and actions.

Next, our strategic partner, Hatch Interior Design did a phenomenal job of designing the space, which called for a physical representation of the name Urban Jungle. The result is a play off the juxtaposed terms, mixing the urban: linear shapes, angular cuts, and modern finishings, with the jungle: organic building materials, vibrant colours, and spirited decoration.

Hatch dealt with some difficult challenges such as tight budgets and incorporating two very unique company brands into the space plan. Urban Jungle shares the office space with The Foundry Real Estate Co.; one of Edmonton’s newest local real estate brokerages, and Hatch had the complex task of designing a space, which clearly marks each company’s territory, while maintaining an overall cohesive look.

Our carpenter extraordinaire, Phil Matthews completely crushed this project. From the jaw dropping custom reception desk facade, to the sleek and sexy plywood walls, to the vintage inspired desk carrells, the finished product looks amazing.

Last but not least, Mark Hull and his crew from Fast Signs in West Edmonton delivered some stellar signage and graphics for our walls.

Thank you to everyone who got their hands dirty and made this place come alive. Friends, family and colleagues have been extremely supportive and I cannot wait to throw the launch party to celebrate.

Check out this cool little time-lapsed video of the construction phase.