Brand Training

Understanding, acceptance, and ability to deliver—this is where ad agencies leave you holding the bag…a very expensive bag.

Before a brand can come to life, its leaders, employees and partners must all clearly understand what the brand is, what its aspirations and objectives are, what makes it special, and where it needs to go to achieve the goals of the organization.

Brand training fosters “buy-in,” teamwork, and creates the fabric of your corporate culture.

As part of our brand development program, Urban Jungle provides brand training to:

  • Plan and execute the activation of your new or refreshed brand, both internally and externally
  • Give your staff the knowledge, assets, and tools to consistently deliver marketing communications, personal interactions, and products/services that align with the goals of your organization and its brand strategy

Once activated, we recommend bi-annual brand training sessions in order to maintain an ongoing understanding and acceptance among employees and other team members.

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