Calling All Challengers!

Challenger brands are everywhere. Challengers exist in every category of every industry.

Samsung. Tesla. Ouya. Audi. Spotify. These are some of the world’s most prominent “challenger” brands. But being a challenger isn’t simply a state of market. It’s usually a state of mind.

Challengers are the scrappy underdogs. The irreverent mavericks. The enlightened visionaries. They are insurgents. They are game changers. They are innovators.

Challengers do things differently. Not just for the sake of being different, but because they believe that doing things differently will lead to greatness.

If you consider yourself a challenger, then Urban Jungle is for you.

We too are challengers in our industry. In a world saturated with dinosaurs, incumbents, and generalists, we do things differently by specializing. Where most marketing firms and ad agencies provide you with the shiny new paint job, we deliver clarity, focus, and purpose so you can build measurable equity in your brand.

Are you a challenger in need of a strategy to build your brand?

You’re in the right place. And you’ve found the right partner.

Suit up soldier. Let’s get ready for war.

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