What is Brand Marketing?

What is Brand Marketing?

And what’s the difference between brand marketing & traditional marketing?

At Urban Jungle, brand marketing is where vision, strategy, and customer experience connect. It puts the brand at the centre of everything you do.

Brand Marketing brings together the four key components that make up your brand under a single, unified strategy and management process that permeates your entire organization:

  1. Strategy (vision, mission, position, values, beliefs, personality, promise, key messages, and brand story)
  2. Identity (logos, icons, colours, fonts, layouts, and key visuals)
  3. Experience (products and services, personal interactions, environments, and events)
  4. Management (planning, training, tools, budgets, implementation, monitoring, assessment, and evolution)

Therefore, Brand Marketing goes far beyond the traditional tactics commonly referred to as “marketing,” such as brochures, sales kits, websites, direct mail, events, SEO, publicity, and advertising campaigns.

It provides clarity, consensus, and focus. It empowers and engages. Traditional marketing can’t, and will never do this. By focusing on the brand it allows marketing to do its real job. Not sell, but shape perceptions and build equity in the brand.

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