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Lovemarks (Redux)

"Lovemarks" is a marketing term coined a few years ago by Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide of the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Roberts intended for the term to replace the idea of brands as he claimed, "Brands are running out of juice." Continue reading »

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Hate / Love

I hate this video. I love this video. This is the opening piece created for the 2010 Advertising & Design Club of Canada (ADCC) Awards. The film taps into an insight I think every person in every industry feels — not just creatives — love for the business when things are going well, and hate, […]

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Battle of the Brands: Apple vs. Everyone Else

Have you ever bought an Apple product? If you haven’t I’m sure you want to, and if you have—did you ever regret it? I know I sure haven’t. I realize some people find issues with Apple, but let’s face it, buying an Apple is an awesome experience. I bought my 3rd Mac last week and […]

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