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Replanting Urban Jungle’s Roots in Cloverdale

It’s official. Urban Jungle is settled into its new Edmonton river valley office. After months of planning, designing, renovating, and decorating, Urban Jungle is ready to call Cloverdale its new home. I’m ecstatic to have such a beautiful centrally located space. I believe it’s a perfect reflection of the Urban Jungle brand—it’s close to both […]

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Cool Brands Do Video. Do You?

We’ve all seen amazing promotional marketing videos before. Whether they're funny, inspiring, shocking, or heart felt, some companies do video exceptionally well. They tell great stories and as a result they connect us with their brands in ways others cannot.

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Case Study: Micralyne

Micralyne, is an internationally recognized, award winning, Edmonton-based Micro-Electrical-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) foundry. This case story focuses on the reputation-building work that Urban Jungle attempted to establish for an organization with an international market, a diverse audience, and a complex relationship of internal and external stakeholders. Continue reading »

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