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Fans Not the Real Losers in the NHL Lockout

For the second time in five years, the players are locked out by the NHL. Regardless of whether you side with the Millionaires or the Billionaires, the fact remains—an NHL lockout is not the way to successfully build a brand that's in desperate need of building.

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The Olympic Volunteer Brand – Dressed for Success

When one thinks of branding it is not uncommon to have logos and punchy tag lines pop into one’s head. In fact just mention the word Nike and it is almost impossible to avoid thinking of the infamous “Swoosh” and “Just Do It” tag line. However, the brand and how people associate with it truly […]

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Urban Jungle Shakes the Shackles of the Hourly Rate

Next time you are at the zoo you might notice a 10-ton elephant tethered by a flimsy rope to a 3-foot pole. The elephant has been trained to believe it has no choice about staying in its current position. And so it is with the hourly rate, which marketing firms, law firms, accounting firms, business […]

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Battle of the Brands: WestJet vs. Air Canada

Which airline do you prefer? WestJet or Air Canada? My preference hands down is WestJet. They are problem solvers. They are built on the philosophy of helping people and making them happy. Air Canada on the other hand seems to cause more problems and headaches than they fix. I have no idea what their mission […]

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