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A New Twist on Animals in Advertising

Are you as sick of seeing animals in ad campaigns as I am? Usually their presence in ads is completely irrelevant to the product or service they are selling, and generally they’re used as a ploy to distract you from how bad the product or service is. Telus is apparently “unleashing” something new this week. […]

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CDN Designers Help Set Stage for Olympic Games…Literally
(Part 2)

Olympic Medal Designs: Developed as a smaller piece built from a larger image, representing the value of interaction with community and importance on individuality, the medal design for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics has definitely set a precedence; or raised the bar if you will for medal designers going further. These large, organic and undulating shapes […]

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Illustrations Say 1000 Words

Stylized Graphics Set Tone (& Texture) for 2010 Games Upon first glance I immediately thought “there is something different about the way Vancouver is presenting their Olympics”; it wasn’t until my second that I realized what it truly was. Vancouver 2010 was completely photography free. Free from the concern about rights usage and proper resolution. […]

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