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Edmonton Branding Firm Urges Albertans and Government to Approve an Alberta Mission

Edmonton, AB, May 3, 2012 — As Alison Redford’s Conservatives begin their 12th consecutive term governing Alberta, specialist brand marketing firm Urban Jungle is holding the premier to her promise of “positive change that moves Alberta forward.” The firm, which previously offered brand strategy services to Redford at no cost to the province but was turned down, has developed a mission for Alberta and is urging the premier and Albertans to approve it.

“There is only one way to ensure Alberta’s potential is realized,” said Craig Blackburn, founder of the Edmonton-based branding firm. “Collectively we must act like a corporation, with citizens and politicians working together to define and activate a mission for our province.”

Blackburn points out that the world’s strongest companies—Apple, Google, and the like—have clearly defined brand strategies, which include missions to guide their leadership teams. “A forward-thinking province like Alberta can lead the world in adopting the tactics that make corporations successful for the benefit of all Albertans,” he explained.

In January 2012, Blackburn’s firm offered Redford its comprehensive branding services at no cost to the province, a move that could have saved taxpayers millions. When the premier’s office came back with “Thanks, but no thanks,” Blackburn decided to show Albertans what is possible by creating a mission based on the traits that define the province: research, progressive thinking, and the desire to make a positive impact on the world. The mission is the first step in building the necessary framework to unite the province through shared values, purpose, and meaningful actions.

“Albertans have voiced their concerns against against government corruption, mismanagement, and lack of accountability. But it’s not enough to simply vote. We can’t expect change to happen as we sit idly by. I believe all Albertans need to take an active role in evolving our province. There is no better time to create, validate, and activate a mission, position, and mantra for the Alberta brand,” said Blackburn.

As with any brand, an Alberta brand would guide the government’s leadership and foster accountability. It would also allow Albertans to collectively change the negative perceptions others have of the province and its people. Most importantly, says Blackburn, it would enable Albertans to discover and achieve a greater sense of purpose.

Urban Jungle is engaging the public through an independent grassroots initiative known as Inspire Alberta. The objective of its online engagement campaign is to provide a forum for Albertans to approve a mission and basic set of core values for the province. The proposed Alberta mission can be found at

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About Inspire Alberta
Established in 2012 as an independent initiative, Inspire Alberta’s mission is to motivate Albertans to discover and achieve a greater sense of purpose for their life in the province. By defining common aspirations of Albertans, the initiative aims to unite the province through shared values, purpose, and actions.

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