Pioneers in making the world a smaller place.

Year: 2009-2010
Services Provided: Marketing/Communications/PR Management, Web Design & Development

Micralyne, is an internationally recognized, award winning, Edmonton-based MEMS foundry.

Specializing in the process design and development of micromachines (more commonly referred to as MEMS) for the communications, life sciences, energy and transportation sectors, Micralyne’s A-list clientele include Kodak, JDSU, Hyundai among other innovative Fortune 100 companies and high-tech start-ups.

As pioneers of the 21st century, Micralyne makes our world a smaller place — evolving technology platforms that make the Internet and telecommunications possible, aiding NASA‘s successful mission to find water on the moon, and developing implantable glucose sensors for diabetics.

Urban Jungle managed all of Micralyne’s marketing efforts from 2009-2010. Our work helped Micralyne expand its market within western Europe and Asia, and elevate its appeal among international high-end device developers. With a dignified edge, Urban Jungle attempted to boldly position Micralyne as a brand in a class of its own.

“It was a pleasure working with Urban Jungle. If you’re looking for a partner to revitalize your brand, I recommend their service.”

David Buckley, VP Sales and Marketing, Micralyne

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