Concinnity Solutions

Creating a holistic identity.

Year: 2009
Services Provided: Corporate Identity

Concinnity is defined as “being skillful in the harmonious arrangement, or inter-arrangement, of parts with respect to the whole.”

The name captures the essence of the company’s holistic management approach to applying methodologies, principles, systems, and paradigms to their clients’ operations and work flow.

Urban Jungle was briefed to create a corporate identity for Concinnity, an Edmonton-based supply chain and process management consulting firm. The firm, geared towards industrial, energy, and large construction companies proposes an innovative and efficient alternative to working with large banks that typically outsource independent contractors.

Spring boarding off the concept of ‘harmonious inter-arrangement,’ Urban Jungle developed an identity inspired by the Rubik’s Cube. Their brand identity package includes a unique identity, tag line, colour palate, stationary, and livery designs.


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