Celebration Homes

Standing out in a crowded market.

Year: 2010-2012
Services Provided: Design, Marketing and Communications, Web Design & Development, SEO

Celebration Homes entered the Edmonton housing market in 2009 with a strategy geared towards home owners who prefer a semi-custom home buying experience.

Celebration Homes is considered an enjoyable, affordable and luxurious alternative to buying “volume-built” homes, and this strategy has helped to position them in a crowded home building scene.

Urban Jungle was initially engaged to devise a series of advertising concepts distinguishing Celebration Homes from other home building brands. Using playful illustration rather than traditional product photography, our objective was to engage buyers through their children — portraying the personality of the brand while maintaining clarity and consistency throughout each execution.

Following the successful activation of their whimsical Halloween and Christmas ad series in 2010, the scope of our work grew to include communications, PR, photography, design, illustration, print advertising, vehicle decals, sales center window displays, product presentation booklets, signage, web design and development, and web marketing.

In 2012, Celebration’s website was nominated for a CHBA National SAM Award, one of the most prestigious awards in the residential construction industry.


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