The Association for Mountain Parks Protection & Enjoyment

Branding the voice for Alberta’s mountain parks.

Year: 2003-2005
Services Provided: Brand Strategy, Corporate Identity, Design, Communications Counsel, Web

After 10 years of operation, AMPPE‘s brand was lacking clear direction, and their image was tired and uninspired.

The dynamics of AMPPE revealed many emotional obstacles and fears; however, the evidence presented a clear need for change. They were engaged and ready for a dramatic shift.

Following an intense period of soul searching and discovery, Urban Jungle emerged with a mandate to completely rebrand the organization.

As a member-based organization promoting and supporting sustainable tourism together with environmental protection in Alberta’s Mountain Parks, Urban Jungle positioned AMPPE as community leaders with a mission to protect the parks and tourism. Their promise? To deliver a consistent voice at government tables, communicating that sustaining tourism and promoting environmental stewardship are delicate and interconnected elements; and both are vital to the survival of Alberta’s mountain parks.

In addition to AMPPE’s brand strategy, a modern identity, a more descriptive slogan, a flexible and eye-popping visual design system, a hard working website, and engaging marketing materials were developed to help activate AMPPE’s new found identity and communicate it to the marketplace.


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