Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to our most frequently asked questions about branding.

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[toggle]Branding is the range of activities undertaken and elements used to shape perceptions of your company.
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[toggle]A brand is a perception. That is all. And a strategically built brand is the result of an entire group, organization, or business consistently operating along a clearly defined set of guiding principles. Read More »[/toggle]

[toggle]Not a chance. Brands exist in the trades and business-to-business environment as well. Just look around.
The companies that operate as brands, dominate—in every industry and category. The best evolve and grow while the weakest remain in obscurity or fizzle out and die.[/toggle]

[toggle]We believe they matter more today than ever before. Brands have become one of the important corporate conversation topics of our time. With the ever-increasing presence of choice, branding is the most efficient way of cutting through the clutter and reaching people’s hearts and minds. Brands have purpose, promise, values and voice.[/toggle]

[toggle]Yes. We argue they can potentially have the most value. With the right strategy, a brand is the real equity in a company. It’s what lies beyond the value of your balance sheet and fixed assets. It’s the difference between a good business idea and sustainable success. No matter what industry you’re in, brands win, time and time again.[/toggle]

[toggle]You need a brand if you want to be more than “good enough.” You need a brand if your company lacks clarity and focus, you’re tired of your sales staff having to compete on price, you’re finding it hard to attract and retain the best people, your company has grown without a plan and plateaued, or there’s no overt pride in your organization.

A lot of people think those are the regular pains of being in business. They’re not. They’re the regular pains of not having a brand.[/toggle]

[toggle]Anything is possible. We believe any business founded on great ideas, great products, great service and great people can become market leaders. But, because most businesses do not operate from a clearly defined brand strategy, position, or mission; there’s always opportunities to outperform the competition. If you believe that by operating from a better strategy you can become a market-leader, we have the team to help make it happen.[/toggle]

[toggle]A brand strategy is a living document that breaks the entire structure of your business down into a complete inventory and framework of components, materials and specifications.

It gives you a strong understanding of the competitive landscape, clearly identifying what you have in hand that can be leveraged and what you will need to create or develop to maximize your competitiveness. It informs and guides your organization’s thinking, communications and behaviour—from mission and positioning to human resources policy. It directs the ifs, hows and wheres of company expansion and business development.[/toggle]

[toggle]The benefits of a brand strategy are many. Most important of which is clarity. Clarity in the day-to-day operations of your business and clarity in the marketplace.

If you have a brand strategy, it’s your secret weapon, allowing you to develop a different kind of value in the marketplace. And if you don’t, it’s the missing link that forces you to compete as a commodity rather than a brand.[/toggle]

[toggle]No. Strategy isn’t an event. It’s an on-going process. Companies that realize this are more successful because they continually plan, train, learn and evolve. To achieve any lasting results you need to have the complete brand development package, including strategy, identity, experience and management. [/toggle]

[toggle]You bet. Fill out our Project Inquiry Form now and we’ll help get you started.[/toggle]

[toggle]Technically, yes; yes you do. And since we’re being technical, everyone and everything has a brand.

Brand is simply a perception in the mind. To that end, even the worst company in your industry has a brand—it’s the perception of others that they are the worst company in the industry.

What words do people use to describe your company? Is it good? Bad? Ugly? Just because you have the logo, uniforms and website doesn’t mean someone would be willing to pay a premium for it. Companies become valuable brands when they prioritize the development, management and consistent execution of vision, purpose and position through all levels of the organization.[/toggle]

[toggle]While the strategic and creative components only take a couple months, typically it takes upwards of a year to completely develop a brand. Experience indicates; however, that it’s your availability and your ability to make tough decisions that determines how long the brand development process takes.[/toggle]

[toggle]Urban Jungle’s brand marketing program is called Evolve. Evolve covers the four major areas of brand development: strategy, identity, experience and management, and it starts at $80,000/yr.

Our clients view us more as their strategic partner than they do a mere vendor of branding and marketing services. Just like them, if you’re serious about taking your business to new heights, you’ll have to undergo the brand development exercises at some point. Why not get it over with now and define your leadership position as opposed to chasing your competitors? [/toggle]

[toggle]First you need to raise some capital to invest into developing your brand. You’ve budgeted for your space, your people and your product development—you need to do the same for your brand. Otherwise without a strategically built brand, all you have is space, people and product. If you aren’t sure how much money you need to raise, look to the question above as a starting point. Then do your research. How much is your competition spending on awareness. As a new entrant in the industry, if you want to be competitive you will in all likelihood need to spend more.[/toggle]

[toggle]Once Urban Jungle has been paid in full, you own it. After all, we created it for you. What value does it have to anyone else?[/toggle]

[toggle]We consider ourselves pretty fortunate. Since its inception in 2000, Urban Jungle has never had to deal with a client that wasn’t happy with our work. But, if you happen to be the first, we promise to make it right.

Urban Jungle has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ve invested a lot of money with us, so we’ll work on your brand until you love it. Period.[/toggle]

[toggle]Other than in our own, we are not industry specialists. Quite simply, we don’t believe in specializing in someone else’s industry. Urban Jungle has serviced clients in virtually every major service sector, from industrial and retail to healthcare and construction. This means that our clients get fresh ideas built on process and precedent. Our approach, strategies, tools and best practices can be used in any industry.[/toggle]

[toggle]Ad agencies and marketing firms sell concepts and tools. We develop brands through strategy, identity, experience and management. Full stop.

Reading through our website, you may think that we have a hate-on for ad agencies and marketing firms. The truth is we really don’t. We love them and are often wowed by them. If you already have a strong brand, an ad agency or marketing firm can probably create amazing things for your organization. To that end, contact us. We’ll refer you to some great agencies.[/toggle]

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