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CDN Designers Help Set Stage for Olympic Games…Literally
(Part 2)

Olympic Medal Designs: Developed as a smaller piece built from a larger image, representing the value of interaction with community and importance on individuality, the medal design for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics has definitely set a precedence; or raised the bar if you will for medal designers going further. These large, organic and undulating shapes […]

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Olympic Ambush Marketing

One of the latest controversies to spin its web around the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver deals with sponsorship or better yet the lack their of. Many large corporations have been selected to play and pay the part to be the financial back bone of these winter games; altogether forking over $750 million that goes directly […]

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Illustrations Say 1000 Words

Stylized Graphics Set Tone (& Texture) for 2010 Games Upon first glance I immediately thought “there is something different about the way Vancouver is presenting their Olympics”; it wasn’t until my second that I realized what it truly was. Vancouver 2010 was completely photography free. Free from the concern about rights usage and proper resolution. […]

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The Olympic Volunteer Brand – Dressed for Success

When one thinks of branding it is not uncommon to have logos and punchy tag lines pop into one’s head. In fact just mention the word Nike and it is almost impossible to avoid thinking of the infamous “Swoosh” and “Just Do It” tag line. However, the brand and how people associate with it truly […]

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Vancouver City

A glimpse into the ethereal experience that is Vancouver. This video has it all, beauty, mystery and sensuality. Thank you InnerLife & Linda Ganzini; you’ve inspired me to want to share the beauty of my city.

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On the front lines in the biggest jungle of them all…

For the entire month of February Urban Jungle will have on-site press coverage in Whistler at the 2010 Olympic Games. Danna Beatty, Urban Jungle’s newest marketing rockstar will be blogging from the front lines; discussing the awesome and the ugly of the Games. From branding, to communications, to creative, to the overall visitor experience, Danna […]

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