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The Best Rebrands of 2012

This week I’m looking at the three best rebrands of 2012. Leaders in their respective industries, each company appears to have prioritized strategy by going through the complete rebranding exercise—including redefining their market position to guide their customers’ beliefs, and executing a complete and interconnected brand strategy.

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Anyone Can Play Drums

Grab those two little sticks. Sit down and get comfortable behind those shiny round thingies, and start tapping the sticks on the white flat parts of the round thingies. See? You’re playing the drums! Woot woot!! You can also fill your cavities, or prescribe your medicine, or rebuild your car's engine. Continue reading »

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The Olympic Volunteer Brand – Dressed for Success

When one thinks of branding it is not uncommon to have logos and punchy tag lines pop into one’s head. In fact just mention the word Nike and it is almost impossible to avoid thinking of the infamous “Swoosh” and “Just Do It” tag line. However, the brand and how people associate with it truly […]

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