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Replanting Urban Jungle’s Roots in Cloverdale

It’s official. Urban Jungle is settled into its new Edmonton river valley office. After months of planning, designing, renovating, and decorating, Urban Jungle is ready to call Cloverdale its new home. I’m ecstatic to have such a beautiful centrally located space. I believe it’s a perfect reflection of the Urban Jungle brand—it’s close to both […]

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Edmonton Loses the Indy! (Part 2 of 2)

The ripple effects of losing an event like Indy will be detrimental to our City. Vancouver didn’t know what they had until they lost it—and the same might end up happening to us if we’re not more cognizant of that fact. The only difference is we will never—ever get it back if we lose it. […]

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Edmonton Loses the Indy! (Part 1 of 2)

That’s next year’s headline. I’m calling it right now. No, I’m not an oracle, and no, I didn’t ask Zoltar — but I can show you why we’re going to lose what could be— should be— a world-class Edmonton-based event. Let’s start by looking at the recent Edmonton Sun poll, then we’ll Tarantino this debacle. […]

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A Toast to Georgie and Young Edmonton

A couple of Fridays ago I rolled up to a bar I’ve been to many times, and as we rounded the corner from the alley to the front street I proclaimed, “no worries, there’s never been a line up here.” Approaching the door I realized that the abnormally large smoking crowd hovering on the sidewalk, […]

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