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Timing, Luck & Love

What do Led Zeppelin and ancient Chinese warlords have to do with your company's success? Over the years I have met many business owners with ground-breaking ideas, cutting-edge technology, knowledge, skills—you name it, they had it all. And for whatever reason their businesses never took off.

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A Toast to Georgie and Young Edmonton

A couple of Fridays ago I rolled up to a bar I’ve been to many times, and as we rounded the corner from the alley to the front street I proclaimed, “no worries, there’s never been a line up here.” Approaching the door I realized that the abnormally large smoking crowd hovering on the sidewalk, […]

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Olympic Ambush Marketing

One of the latest controversies to spin its web around the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver deals with sponsorship or better yet the lack their of. Many large corporations have been selected to play and pay the part to be the financial back bone of these winter games; altogether forking over $750 million that goes directly […]

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Urban Jungle Shakes the Shackles of the Hourly Rate

Next time you are at the zoo you might notice a 10-ton elephant tethered by a flimsy rope to a 3-foot pole. The elephant has been trained to believe it has no choice about staying in its current position. And so it is with the hourly rate, which marketing firms, law firms, accounting firms, business […]

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