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Wear it with Pride!

Talk about taking a campaign to the next level. Not only did Wear It With Pride encompass web, print, apparel and public events into their marketing plan, they also helped create a hit single and spark a fashion movement in Australia. When Australia reformed their 85 formerly discriminatory same sex laws, a national campaign called […]

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Inspired By Iceland

Although I’ve never been there, I’ve always held a special place in my heart for Iceland. They devote so much time and government spending to the arts, they produce amazing musicians (Sigur Ros and Bjork anyone?) and it’s just a damn beautiful looking place with beautiful looking people.What’s not love?! I’m also married to a […]

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Vancouver City

A glimpse into the ethereal experience that is Vancouver. This video has it all, beauty, mystery and sensuality. Thank you InnerLife & Linda Ganzini; you’ve inspired me to want to share the beauty of my city.

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