About Us

Our Philosophy:

We believe you’re always branding.

Whether or not you’re intentional about it is another story altogether.

And while it’s possible to be successful without a brand, companies that operate as strategically thought out brands create stronger foundations built for sustainable success than those that do not. Branding is an ongoing process. It never ends. It takes place in every interaction between a company and those who come into contact with it. We suggest you be intentional. Proactively manage your brand; otherwise, you’re forfeiting control to others.

Why Urban Jungle?

Most marketing agencies are different but Urban Jungle is different than most.

We are 100% focused on building equity in your brand.

Unlike ad agencies and generalist marketing firms, we don’t dive headfirst into creating artwork or tools as a solution to your business challenges. Instead we start with the thing that matters most—creating a solid foundation for you to build your brand on.

From 1 man shows to 1,500 employee operations, from $200,000 start-ups to $200M corporations we’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes. And while Urban Jungle’s clients are in a broad range of industries, they remain united by their drive to attain the premium position within their respective sectors.

There isn’t a branding challenge we haven’t solved and we’re up for tackling yours.

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Our Approach

Our approach is grounded in experience.

And experience tells us taking three steps—discovery, strategy, and creative—isn’t enough.

So where ad agencies and design studios hit the wall…we go further to help our clients hit pay dirt. We take a collaborative approach, and we don’t leave you to implement on your own. Instead we help you develop and train your staff to understand, accept, and deliver your brand. Click on a step below to learn more about our approach. brand-marketing-approach-icons

Our Approach


Discovery begins with Urban Jungle asking questions—a lot of them. Our research methods get us to the heart and soul of your key audiences, competitors, and marketplace. Once we have a clear understanding of your competitive landscape, we turn our eyes on you. Be prepared for nothing but brutal honesty.

Our Approach


In this phase we get you naked. That means finding out who you really are—not who you think you are or what you’ve been telling others. With nothing to hide behind, you’ll quickly discover the truth, which leads to clarity, focus, and confidence—three powerful attributes that all strong brands share.

Our Approach


Armed with clarity, Urban Jungle works with you to formulate your brand strategy. The strategy defines your position and promise; achieves consensus amongst stakeholders; and creates engaging, authentic, practical ways to communicate and deliver your brand essence consistently to your audiences.

Our Approach


With the brand strategy in place, it’s time to craft the tools to deliver your message. Our creative team begins the heavy lifting, incorporating your feedback through every critical stage of development. The end result is a unique and memorable design system and communications platform that your people are engaged in, and proud of.

Our Approach


After all the parts are assembled brand training begins. Training establishes and maintains top performance of the brand. Employees are equipped with everything they require to deliver the ultimate brand experience. Our step-by-step launch and activation strategy charts the course so there are no surprises.

Our Approach


Everything is in place. Everyone is confident and excited. It’s go time. The activation phase is designed to successfully roll out your brand, both internally and externally, without a hitch. Urban Jungle is there to champion the rollout and support your team throughout the entire activation.

Our Approach


After the dust settles, we evaluate the performance of the brand strategy on an ongoing basis. This stage involves conducting a thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis. How are you meeting your objectives? What is the response? What needs to evolve or be refined?

Our Team

Urban Jungle is a team of strategists and artisans, doers and dreamers.

The kind of people who love what they do and take an extreme amount of pride in their craft.

Every team member—regardless of his or her specialization, is carefully chosen based on their commitment to five core values: Respect, Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork, and Communication. Click on the thumbnail below to learn more about the leader behind the team.


Craig Blackburn, Manager, Creative Director, Brand Strategist


Since founding Urban Jungle in 2000, Craig has led hundreds of successful brand, strategy, marketing, design, and communication projects for a diverse client base among every major service sector. Craig created innovative marketing strategies for Mr. Lube, ING Insurance, Clinique and Hudson’s Bay and he has collaborated with over 60 Alberta-based business owners to position and grow their companies. As Urban Jungle’s Manager and a Certified Graphic Designer (CGD), Craig brings vision, leadership, and diverse experience to every project he’s involved in.