The Inspirational Alphabet Logo Design Series – Letter Bb Logo Designs


Posted by on 06 January, 2014

The second collection in the 26 part, art for art’s sake series is of some of my favourite letter Bb logo designs. When it comes to the letter B, there are so many amazing designs and it was hard to narrow it down to just 10.

Unfortunately there aren’t many lowercase letter b logos out there and that’s a shame because it’s a beautiful character. The silver lining in this for anyone who owns a company that starts with the letter b and has a unisex or feminine-skewed audience is the lowercase letter b logo oversight sets the stage for your identity to stand out!

1. Blue Marble Movement (concept by John Provencher)


2. Baby’s Breath Decor Design (concept by Bel Koo)


3. The Letter B (concept by Queen City Studio)


4. Braidwood French Polishing (concept by Alex Cowles)


5. Blue Corner Solutions (concept by Jan Zabransky)


6. La Lettre B (concept by Valéry Goulet)


7. Bradaric Ohmae (concept by Jonas Soeder)


8. Brent Galloway Design


9. The Letter B (concept by Brendan Ford)


10. BrightNorth (concept by Graham Smith)


Know of any other cool letter Bb logo designs? Have a concept you’d like to see featured in an upcoming article? Post an image and/or link below.


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