Why Rebrand Alberta (For Free)?

Earlier this week, Urban Jungle announced it is offering to rebrand Alberta at no charge to the province.

It seems this issue has raised a few brows and lots of questions. People want to know why the heck are we are offering to do this? And why for free?

Why rebrand?

1. I believe Albertans still need direction:

The rebrand would address where previous efforts failed. In 2009 Albertans should have been presented with a vision. We weren’t. As a result, here we are, three years later, still without a direction.

If Albertans are guided by a clear vision — one that’s defined by the people and for the people, instead of a fluffy slogan with lofty-expectations; a vision that’s aspirational and achievable; a vision that speaks to people from all walks of life; and a vision Albertans can adopt into our daily lives — then we have a strong foundation to becoming the living essence of the Alberta brand.

Clearly we do not have this shared direction and I hope that Albertans agree that it’s needed.

2. I believe Albertans can be more as people:

With the exception of immediate family and friends, I believe most Albertans feel disconnected from each other. Edmontonians and Calgarians constantly slag on the other and the rest of Albertans don’t feel like they matter. They’re left out of the conversation and left to fight on their own.

I also believe that Albertans feel left out of the processes in shaping our culture and society. Most people probably wouldn’t know how and where to even start. As a result, many people simply lose interest in taking part.

3. I believe we can be more as a province:

It’s no secret that Albertans are the “haves” of Canada, as Alberta is economically, socially, and resource rich. That said, I believe we are in serious danger of squandering our province’s advantages and potential, as we sit precariously in the balance of our most lucrative export—oil. It’s a scary prospect to think we have nothing else to hang our hat on other than oil don’t you think?

What’s even scarier is leaving a legacy of underachievement, mediocrity, and disadvantage to our children and grandchildren. I can’t accept that.

Alberta has the means to be global leaders.

Unfortunately the majority of Canadians (and the world over for that matter), consider us arrogant, greedy, oil-addicted, environmentally careless, Texans of the north. I think that’s really sad. Albertans shouldn’t accept this. We have a heck of a lot more to offer the world.


1. I believe in doing something positive for Albertans.

An initiative like this is the best opportunity I’ve had to date to make the biggest contribution to our society. I am in full agreement with the premier’s position that the current branding efforts for the province has not achieved, and will not achieve, the intended results, and that a solution is required. Since my company is uniquely positioned and has the expertise and ability to donate our services to the taxpayers at no cost, I’d like to step up and help get it done right.

2. I believe the frivolity has to stop.

Did you know? The current logo, slogan, and ad campaign was created less than three years ago by ad agency Calder Bateman at a reported cost of nearly $25 million over three years.

Are you okay with spending another $25 million for the next “re-branding” exercise? I’m not.

Wouldn’t this money be better spent on healthcare, education, family services, low-income housing, or infrastructure? There are so many things (and people) this money could have a lasting impact on, instead it’s being frivolously spent with no accountability.

The government has had their chance.

And they’ve proven they do not understand the process and function of branding. To that end, we believe they will undertake another misguided re-branding exercise and waste even more taxpayer money.

Shouldn’t your government be accountable to their mistakes? Shouldn’t they own up to the mishap? Shouldn’t they offer Alberta taxpayers an apology along with a “do-over” at no extra charge?

I do.

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